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1045 Adaptec SAS ASC-1045 (PCI-E x4, LP) ext. SFF-8088 ASC (PCI LP ext SFF 8088

Adaptec SAS ASC-1045 (PCI-E x4, LP) ext. SFF-8088
ЦЕНА: 7'560 грн.[б/н]

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The Series 1 family of non-RAID Adaptec Unified Serial host bus adapters (HBAs) offers efficient, economical I/O with hard disk, tape and solid state drives. This flexibility allows for use in cost-sensitive tape backup solutions or high-performance SSD environments. 

The Adaptec 1045 has a low-profile, MD2 form factor and utilizes a x4 PCI-Express bus and SAS interface technology to provide 3Gb/s throughput and maximize I/O performance.  Using SAS expanders, it can connect up to 128 SATA/SAS devices.

The Adaptec 1045 supports Windows and Linux operating systems and its broad compatibility with hard disk drives (HDDs), tape drives, tape libraries, tape autoloaders, SSDs, JBODS, RBODs, removable media or removable HDDs, provides a flexible, customizable solution at a low price.

* Refer to Readme for details.

4 external ports
Low-profile MD2 form factor
4-Lane PCI-Express bus interface
One SFF-8088 (external) mini-SAS connector
Support for up to 128 SATA or SAS devices using SAS expanders*
Enclosure management supported via SAS expander support
RoHS compliant
3 year warranty
Complete List of Supported Operating Systems

1045 Adaptec SAS ASC-1045 (PCI-E x4, LP) ext. SFF-8088 ASC (PCI LP ext SFF 8088

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