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29320LP SCSI CARD ADAPTEC (Ultra320) 29320 LP (Ultra 320 (Ultra320

SCSI CARD ADAPTEC 29320LP (Ultra320)
ЦЕНА: 4'375 грн.[б/н]

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Customer Needs
  Entry-level servers and workstations
System Environment
  Ideal for rack-mount servers and workstations requiring the smallest form factor possible

Bus System Interface Type

64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X
External Connectors
One 68-pin VHDCI
Internal Connectors
One 68-pin Ultra320
Data Transfer Rate
320 MByte/sec/channel
System Requirements
Intel PC or equivalent with available PCI slot (2.1 compliant)
Package Contents

- One Adaptec SCSI card 29320LP-R with full-size bracket
- Low-profile replacement bracket
- One 5-position Ultra320 SCSI LVD cable with terminator
- Adaptec HostRAID, EZ-SCSI software and supported operating systems drivers

Product Description

Low-cost single-channel Ultra320 SCSI card with HostRAID RAID 0,1 for data protection

Key Differentiators

Supports protocols Ultra160 SCSI, Ultra2 SCSI, Ultra SCSI, Ultra320 SCSI

29320LP SCSI CARD ADAPTEC (Ultra320) 29320 LP (Ultra 320 (Ultra320

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