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MBF2600RC Fujitsu 600GB 10k rpm SAS 2.5" MBF 2600 RC 600 GB 10

Fujitsu MBF2600RC 600GB 10k rpm SAS 2.5"
ЦЕНА: 14'000 грн.[б/н]

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Product Features


    • 2.5 inch Enterprise class Hard Disk Drive
    • Capacity: 300 GB to 600 GB
    • Rotational speed: 10,025 RPM
    • Optional: SED (Self Encryption Drive)
    • 16 MB buffer
    • 6 Gbps SAS-2 interface

The advanced MBF2xxxRC Enterprise Series of hard disk drives from Toshiba has been developed according to the highest reliability and performance requirements for HDD applications in the server environment.

With the MBF2600RC, Toshiba Storage Device Division launches the highest capacity small form factor enterprise HDD (as of launch date 9 February 2010). The 600GB drive operates at 10,025RPM and distinguishes itself from 3.5.inch form factor competition through superior technical and power consumption specifications.

The new 2.5-inch enterprise line of HDDs are made for business-critical, power-conscious and data-intensive storage applications such as mid-range volume servers, mainstream storage array, blade and rackmount servers.

By utilising an enhanced power condition state feature, the MBF2xxxRC with 6Gb/s SAS-interface offers increased power efficiency compared to traditional 3.5-inch enterprise storage counterparts.

Additionally, MBF2xxxRC drives are available, as an option, with a Self-Encryption Drive (SED) functionality that automatically encrypts data as it is written to the HDD without slowing down its performance.

The range of these new drives includes the 600GB MBF2600RC, 300GB MBF2300RC, and 450GB MBF2450RC.

MBF2600RC Fujitsu 600GB 10k rpm SAS 2.5" MBF 2600 RC 600 GB 10

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