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CE250A ATEN CE-250A KVM Extender CE 250 250A

ATEN CE-250A KVM Extender
ЦЕНА: 6'825 грн.[б/н]


The CE250A KVM Extender is perfect for factory and construction sites, or any type of installation where the console needs to be in a conveniently accessible location, but you want the system equipment to reside in a safe place - away from dust, and harsh environmental influences.

A key feature of the CE250A is built-in 8KV ESD protection and 2KV surge protection. It also features a custom ASIC that ensures the utmost in reliability and compatibility. It senses the distance to the computer and automatically adjusts the gain to compensate.

The CE250A KVM Extender provides the optimum means to access the remote computer, since it uses compact, inexpensive Cat 5e cable for a neater, more convenient, more reliable data transfer connection.
Patent NO. : CN ZL 98252015.8 ,DE 29903667.7 ,TW 194030 ,US 6160543 ,CN ZL 01124239.6 ,TW 150098 ,US 6489854 ,TW I243890 ,JP 4160936 ,US 7585176
Cat 5e cable to connect the Local and Remote Units - up to 150 m apart
Dual console operation - control your system from both the local and remote PS/2 keyboard, mouse and monitor consoles
Pushbutton selection of the active console
High resolution video -up to 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz
Supports VGA, SVGA, and Multisync monitors - ocal monitor supports DDC; DDC2; DDC2B
Supports Microsoft Intellimouse and the scrolling wheel on most mice
Automatic gain control - automatically adjusts signal strength to compensate for distance
Built-in 8KV ESD protection and 2KV surge protection
Local unit takes its power from the computer - external power is only required when the power from the local computer/computers in the KVM installation is insufficient
Rack Mountable
Multiplatform support: OS Support:Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Linux.
Package Content
1 x CE250AL KVM Extender (Local Unit)
1 x CE250AR KVM Extender (Remote Unit)
1 x Custom KVM Cable (1.8 m)
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Rack Mount Kit
2 x Grounding Wires (1.2 m)
1 x User Manual
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Grounding Information Card

CE250A ATEN CE-250A KVM Extender CE 250 250A

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