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SuperSwap 4600 Promise 4 HDD SAS/SATA Super Swap SAS SATA

SuperSwap 4600
Promise SuperSwap 4600 4 HDD SAS/SATA
ЦЕНА: 11'900 грн.[б/н]


  • Promise RAID controllers
    Drive Support
  • SAS/SATA 3Gb/s, SATA/SATA II 1.5Gb/s*
    Hot Swappable
  • Easy removal of drives without system shut-down
    Drive Cabling
  • Works with SATA cabling to support data transfers up to 3Gb/s
  • Cables are provided with Promise controllers
    Power Cabling
  • Enclosure is powered using standard 4-pin power connector
    Physical Requirements
  • Three 5.25" bay per housing
    Multiple SuperSwap
  • Up to 2 SuperSwap 4600 may be daisy-chained for an 8-drive system
    Physical Dimension
  • 8.07" (L) x 5.75" (W) x 4.96" (H)
    Package Content
  • Internal drive housing
  • 4 Removable drive carries
  • 3-pin to 3-pin SMBus cable
  • 6-pin daisy chain cable
  • Screws for mounting hard disk drives and enclosure system
  • Quick Start Guide and Product CD

  • Спецификация

    Promise SuperSwap 4600 is a 4-bay, internal hot-swappable drive enclosure designed for desktop and tower servers. The drive enclosure supports SAS/SATA data transfer rates of up to 3Gb/s and is also backwards compatible with SATA/SATA II 1.5Gb/s disk drives.* In addition to 3.5" disk drives, SuperSwap 4600 also supports 2.5" form factor thereby giving customers the ultimate storage enclosure designed for their needs.

    Intelligent Enclosure Management

    Enclosure management is provided via user friendly web-based utility WebPAM, the same management tool that is packaged with Promise RAID controllers. Important status such as array status, fan speed, temperature and power monitor are alerted with WebPAM. LED signaling for disk status and activity are easy to interpret and allows the user to be quickly alerted in case of a disk failure. SuperSwap 4600 is designed to auto-configure ID number for I2C enclosure monitoring interface.

    Compatibility, Reliability and Quality

    SuperSwap 4600 has been rigorously tested throughout the design phase with Promise RAID controllers to provide optimum compatibility. It is fully RoHS compliant and is backed by Promise's 3 year warranty and expert technical support.





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    SuperSwap 4600 Promise 4 HDD SAS/SATA Super Swap SAS SATA

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