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Matrox Graphics
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PH-P256DLF Matrox Parhelia DL PCI 256 Mb DDR PH DLF

Matrox Parhelia DL PCI 256 Mb DDR
Продукція MATROX
ЦІНА: 27'370 грн.[б/г]


Key features
Matrox DualHead for simultaneous support of one dual-link DVI monitor and one analog monitor
Joined graphics card mode enables an additional Matrox DualHead or TripleHead graphics solution to work in tandem in one system to drive up to four displays
Unified Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP display driver for Matrox Parhelia Series and Millennium P-Series graphics cards
Monitors supported include the 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display, the Dell 3007WFP, and the HP LP3065 Flat Panel Monitor (all at 2560 x 1600 and 1280 x 800 resolutions)
64-bit, 66 MHz PCI card compatible with all PCI and PCI-X slots
256 MB graphics memory
Microsoft DirectX 9 support
Matrox UltraSharp Display Output Technology
TV-output support (composite video and S-video, NTSC or PAL)
Widescreen resolution support and additional functionality via Matrox PowerRes
Matrox Clone to view a copy of one display on the other display
Matrox Multi-Display Zoom to view a portion of one display full-screen on the other display
Matrox PureVideo to view hardware-accelerated video playback in a video window on one display and full-screen on the other display
Matrox Glyph Anti-Aliasing for the hardware-accelerated smoothing of text edges
Global sales and technical support

PH-P256DLF Matrox Parhelia DL PCI 256 Mb DDR PH DLF

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